Learn more about our company

Nebius is a modern technology venture offering strategic partnerships to leading companies around the world, empowering them to create their own local hyperscaler platforms and become trustworthy providers of cloud services and technologies in their own regions.

Our mission

The mission of Nebius is to disrupt the international cloud market, introducing new regional players and greater diversity to a playing field in need of greater competition. We are convinced that enabling companies across the world to create their own local full-fledged public cloud platforms and thereby expanding the competition will accelerate cloud adoption, drive innovation, and benefit the developer community around the globe.

Nebius has a unique market position with the flexibility of a start-up and the knowledge, human capital, technology, and proven best practices of a mature hyperscaler.

What Nebius means

Combining “nebula”, the Latin word for cloud, with a reference to the endless Möbius strip, our name embodies our belief in the endless possibilities offered by cloud technologies.

Our background

We have more than 10 years’ experience in creating complex IT solutions and technologies from scratch. The roots of Nebius go back to Yandex, one of the leading tech companies in Europe, whose time-tested technologies we have adapted for international markets.

Now Nebius operates as an autonomous global company with its own engineering hubs across the Netherlands, Serbia and Israel.

Nebius Israel

To showcase the strength of our platform and business model we recently launched Nebius as a public cloud with a direct sales model in Israel. Our platform is operated on three local data centers, and in compliance with local and international standards confirmed by third-party audits.