Win the cloud game with your own hyperscaler

Join forces with Nebius to create your own hyperscaler platform with the highest level of security and digital sovereignty and become a leading provider of cloud services and technologies in your region.

Expand your business with world‑class technologies

Comparable to leading providers in both hardware and software, our expanding ecosystem of battle-proven cloud services suits businesses of all sizes — from startups to large enterprises — allowing you to build a customized platform right for your local market with the services and tools most in demand.

Rely on a superior level of security

In compliance with global standards, Nebius carries out in-depth security controls, including code analysis and penetration tests, with the option to deploy additional independent security layers.

Co-create your cloud business with Nebius

We provide not only the technologies, but also a launch-ready business model, so you can run your own cloud business based on the best practices in sales, tech support, and marketing. All tools and interfaces are easily customizable to fit your needs, so you can leverage the strength of your own brand with our ready-to-use white-label platform.

Trust our 10+ years of experience developing cloud solutions

Our team of talented engineers know first-hand how to create complex IT solutions and technologies from scratch.

See our technology in action on our public cloud platform launched in 2022