Public cloud for AI workloads

Understanding that the boost of AI solutions creates high demand on computing power, we are here to support you with the variety of GPUs and cost-effective payment models.

Ready for intensive ML workloads

Accesss to the latest NVIDIA® GPUs, including H100 models with their unprecedented performance. Multihost training with the latest InfiniBand network.

Efficient budgeting

Spend 50% less on compute compared to the major public clouds. On-demand and committed payment modes are available. Free trial for new customers.

Training-ready environment

Managed Kubernetes for multi-node training, Marketplace with ML-focused applications and tools. Easy-to-use console to manage resources.

Four development hubs

Nebius is a modern technology venture headquartered in the Netherlands, with engineering hubs in Finland, Serbia and Israel.

500+ professionals

Our mature team of engineers has a proven track of record in developing sophisticated cloud and ML solutions and designing cutting-edge hardware.

Valuable partnership

Proud to be NVIDIA® preferred cloud service provider, we grant access to the best-in-class hardware for high-performance computing.

For teams who have extended ML workloads

Our platform is ready for training data-intensive ML models. Choose reserve consumption mode for:

  • getting access to several hosts
  • large-scale model pre-training
  • acceleration of training with InfiniBand

GPUs recommended:

  • NVIDIA® H100 SXM5

For teams who need flexibility in resources

We provide GPUs with pay-as-you-go consumption mode that is perfect for:

  • small-scale experiments
  • budget-conscious projects
  • flexibility in expanding your compute resources

GPUs recommended:

  • NVIDIA® Tesla® T4
  • NVIDIA® A100 SXM4

Own data center in Finland

Located in Finland, our data center features modern systems in every aspect of compute and data storage. The facility guarantees high-level electrical efficiency and has a modern free-cooling system.

HPC-ready, in-house server design

Our R&D team designs and assembles servers and racks in-house for high-performance computing and ML-specific workloads.

Hyperscaler-grade solutions

The racks are also optimized for free cooling — the absence of front and rear doors allows servers to operate within an inlet temperature range of +15°C to +40°C.