Support for Israeli companies

We understand that many Israeli companies are affected by war and cannot run their business as usual. In this difficult time, Nebius is ready to support companies from the SMB sector with cloud computing resources FREE OF CHARGE.

Companies affected by war will be able to use Nebius cloud for web hosting and data storage till the end of 2023.

If your company meets the criteria of this offer and needs support with cloud resources, fill in the form. Please make a note within the comments section of this form that you would like to activate this offer.

Please be aware that this offer:

  • Is only valid for companies registered and located in Israel.
  • Does not include GPUs.
  • Is limited to $10,000 per month which we feel is enough to support SMB applications or websites.

In case of suspicious activitiy or inappropriate use of cloud resources, Nebius has a right to recall this offer and stop providing services to particular users.

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