Drive Innovation and Control Your Multi-Cloud Environments

Nebius Israel provides the freedom and flexibility to effortlessly migrate, scale, and optimize your cloud consumption. We help you avoid vendor lock-in, minimize IT disasters and risks, reduce cloud costs, and provide you with a best-in-class multi-cloud solution.

Scale Your Environments Quickly and Easily

Using industry standard products and tools, you can reduce the time it takes to deploy applications and create auto scale workloads on multiple clouds. With Nebius, you can use standard VMs or bring your own images and deploy them in a scalable set. You can also use Managed Services for Kubernetes with your own containers, use S3 compatible object storage, and deploy several managed DB services as well as MQ solution, Kafka, and other scalable managed services.

Improve Resiliency and Data Security

A multi-cloud solution gives you the flexibility to store data and deploy applications within different areas, and with different security levels. Nebius enables you to deploy an HA infrastructure with 3 secured Availability Zones (AZs) in Israel. Nebius offers multiple security features and services across all layers. We employ multi-layer protection starting from hardware and code, up to services such as Identity management, Key Management Services (KMS), Certificate Manager, and Lockbox, giving you centralized control over all security policies, secrets, and keys used to protect your data.

Reduce Costs and Increase Transparency

With Nebius’ diverse and flexible payment models and configurations, you can choose the right payment model for your business needs. We have a range of payment models such as, pay-as-you-go, reserve, and preemptible. Nebius also has a large range and flexible selection of CPU and RAM configurations. Choosing the right model for each environment can reduce costs and increase transparency across all your cloud environments.

Make Cloud Migration Simple and Smooth

Cloud migration should be simple and effortless. With Nebius, you can move your infrastructure to the cloud from any platform or cloud provider without data losses or disruptions to your processes and business. You can also use special Data Transfer services to quickly migrate databases to managed Nebius services.

See the world of Nebius through the eyes of BladeRunner Labs

Hear directly from BladeRunner Labs about their experience with Nebius. Understand how our cloud platform has been instrumental in supercharging their innovative pursuits and advancing their technological capabilities.

Multi-Cloud Solutions



Use both platforms, choose an appropriate architecture, and deploy projects within two clouds.



Build hybrid solutions between Nebius Israel and Azure clouds with described tasks, best practices, and examples of automation.

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