Object Storage

Universal scalable cloud object storage.


Store as much data as you want: cloud object storage grows automatically to meet your needs.

Compatible with the Amazon S3 API

To manage Object Storage, you can use tools compatible with Amazon S3, including the API, CLI, WinSCP, Java SDK, or Python SDK.

Standard and cold S3 cloud storage

Use standard storage for actively used objects, and optimize costs by keeping rarely accessed data in cold storage.

Implement your projects using Object Storage

Data storage and backup

Object Storage allows to store any type of data. You can also set up data backups to a bucket using various software solutions.

Collect statistics for machine learning

To create and improve ML algorithms, you need a training set. The more data you upload to it, the higher the accuracy of your algorithm. Object Storage lets you store lots of statistical data and makes it easier to collect historical data about your business.

Static website hosting

Host your personal or marketing website in Object Storage. Enjoy accelerated animation and web page load times thanks to our cloud storage S3 architecture.

Getting started

To get started with Object Storage, go to the Nebius console.

Create and configure your first bucket. Drag files to the bucket screen to upload them.

Creating a new bucket example


What is Object Storage (S3)?

Object Storage is a scalable solution for storing various types of data. It is the perfect choice both for high-load services that require reliable and fast access to data, and for projects with minimal requirements for storage infrastructure. You can store data in any format as objects are accessed by ID.