Managed Service for Kubernetes®

A Nebius service for managing Kubernetes® clusters.

Container Registry integration

Connect to a repository in Container Registry and store Docker images near the infrastructure.

Common tools for clusters

Manage clusters using the kubectl command line, or use Helm, Draft, or Brigade to automate application delivery.

Secure infrastructure

All master-node interactions are encrypted using the TLS protocol. For added security, you can create private clusters with no internet connectivity.

High availability

You can choose the master type: zonal or regional. Regional masters are automatically replicated in three geographically distributed availability zones.

Easy maintenance

You create a cluster and node groups, and we take care of maintaining and updating all cluster infrastructure components.

Identity and Access Management integration

Connect users to Kubernetes® clusters using your company’s accounts, without creating multiple configuration files for employee access.

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The microservice architecture structures applications as a set of small independent services. Containers are perfect for running small loosely coupled applications.

Migrating applications

Containerize your applications and migrate them to Nebius without refactoring code or developing additional tools.

Automatic scaling

Create applications that automatically scale in response to current loads. During peak demand periods, your application remains available, while under standard loads, the Kubernetes® cluster automatically decreases.

We take care of most of the Kubernetes® cluster maintenance

Managed Service for Kubernetes
VM deployment
Network configurations
OS and software installation
Cluster and node group updates
Master availability
Data storage and hardware security
Integration with Nebius services

Independent control

Nebius control

Getting started

To use the service, create a Kubernetes® cluster, add a group of nodes to it, and manage them using kubectl.

Example of how to create a managed kubernetes cluster in console


What is the advantage of using a managed service?

Managed Service for Kubernetes® fully manages the master node and provides tools for node diagnostics and their recovery.

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