Compute Cloud

The service provides secure and scalable computing capacity for hosting, testing, and prototyping your projects.

On-demand scalability

Choose the number of cores, disks, and VMs, the amount of RAM, and monitor their performance.

VMs with GPUs

Solve complex computing problems with NVIDIA® Tesla® A100 graphics accelerators.

Convenient control

Manage your VMs in the console, via the CLI, API, or SDK, or using popular tools like Terraform, Packer, or Jenkins.

Preconfigured images

Create a VM from an image with pre-installed software, e.g. a LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP).

Instance Groups

The Instance Groups service allows you to create and manage groups of VMs with automatic scaling, recovery, and simultaneous updates.

Improved security

Nebius hardware is scanned by an independent local company to confirm that it has been manufactured according to specifications and contains only what it is expected.

Implement your projects using Compute Cloud

Web project hosting

Hosting your website in Nebius makes it easier to scale your infrastructure and adapt to changing needs, e.g. quickly redesigning your infrastructure to ensure availability for growing audiences.

Testing and prototyping

Virtual machines offer a convenient way to stress test versions of your products. Run load, functional, and regression testing before launching new components. Quickly prototype your solutions and test your ideas at early development stages.

Windows Server in Nebius

Run Windows Server services in the cloud to build a hybrid infrastructure or completely migrate to Nebius. With Active Directory and Microsoft Exchange, you can configure permissions and email exchange within your company.

Getting started

Create a VM with an operating system optimized for working in the cloud.

Creating virtual machine example

Run VMs with GPUs

Solve complex computing problems with NVIDIA® Tesla® A100 graphics accelerators.

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How do Nebius VMs differ from regular hosting?

Traditional hosting offers you resources on a lease with pre-agreed performance for a fixed time. Nebius VMs let you use cloud resources like your personal data center while getting all the advantages of the resilient infrastructure of Nebius’s data center. You can scale your cloud infrastructure as your performance requirements change, and control how many resources you are using at any given time and how much you pay for them.