Nebius security

A smarter approach to cloud architecture design and development. Nebius prioritizes infrastructure security, data protection, and compliance with local and global industry standards and legal requirements.

Trust is guaranteed

Secure data centers

Our cloud platform resides in three highly protected underground data centers, designed to withstand threats such as external and internal blasts, earthquakes, and other disasters. These facilities are under 24/7 surveillance and are secured with advanced access control systems, ensuring top-notch data protection.

Security by design

By adhering to the Secure Software Development Lifecycle (SSDLC), we systematically pinpoint and tackle risks. This rigorous process is instrumental in minimizing vulnerabilities throughout all design and operational phases.

Defense in depth

Nebius employs a robust, multi-layered defense strategy. This all-around approach raises costs for potential attackers and powers our expertise in detecting and preventing unauthorized activities across physical, technical, and administrative layers.

Hardware scans

A specialized local firm thoroughly inspects our cloud hardware, upholding the highest military standards. Thanks to this procedure, our hardware components meet manufacturing guidelines and remain free from unauthorized modifications.

Third-party validation

The Nebius platform’s security and infrastructure are perpetually tested and verified by third-party partners and auditors, ensuring that Nebius consistently meets the highest data protection standards.

Data encryption

Our cloud services protect user data by encrypting it in both storage and backups. Every client receives a distinct set of encryption keys. Plus, with the TLS encryption protocol, data is kept secure during all internet data transfers.

Cloud infrastructure security essentials

Shared responsibility

Nebius doesn’t use client data hosted on platform resources beyond the agreement. The user is the one and only owner of their data.

What we do for security

The primary focus of Nebius engineers is ensuring the safety of sensitive data in the cloud. We’re dedicated to safeguarding everything our users confide to us.

Guaranteed data privacy

With Nebius, users can confidently store their data in the cloud, knowing it’s always protected. We fully abide by both Israeli legal norms and international data protection standards.

Compliance with standards

We are continuously refining our data protection methodologies and the way we design and operate our services to align with both local and international benchmarks.

Our tools are your tools

Security services

Take full command of services tailored to fortify your cloud infrastructure’s security. We offer a diverse range of authentication methods, supplemented with advanced encryption and security tools, such as our Key Management Service and Certificate Manager.


Follow our comprehensive checklist to protect your services and safeguard user data. Take care of network security, authentication and access control, data encryption, and other aspects with ease.


Dive into our detailed documentation on Nebius’s stringent security measures. We ensure you’re fully prepared to adhere to all standards and requirements with comprehensive guides, the latest security updates, and expert insights.

Solutions from trusted partners

When it comes to securing their systems in the cloud, clients can also leverage the tools they are used to from back when they were running their own infrastructure. We put together a litany of integration opportunities, attracting verified partner solutions to our Marketplace. With their help, you have all the flexibility you need to manage access, protect your data, and build secure connections between your projects.

Reach out to us regarding security

If you suspect any attacks, identify possible vulnerabilities, or have other security concerns, please contact us at

If you believe Nebius resources (storage contents, VMs, etc.) are subject to suspicious activities, submit your info at

You can also request compliance reports and regulatory certificates, as well as speсific permissions for security scans or penetration tests.

Any questions about security in the cloud?

Our specialists will advise you on building the right solution and can elaborate on the security measures we’re taking on our end.