Hystax Acura Backup to Nebius Israel

Updated October 17, 2023


Please note that besides Nebius Compute Cloud services (Nebius VM usage), additionally you pay for the usage of Hystax Acura Backup product, billed per your each protected VM within the billing period (on a monthly basis). The VM is considered protected in case of at least one protection point within the billing period (on a monthly basis).

Hystax Acura Backup is an automated backup solution for IT infrastructure using Nebius Israel as the backup storage and failover site. It helps you recover data from any platform, whether virtual or physical.


  • Consistent replication when copying data.
  • Support for file system copies at the application level.
  • Files/folders recovery.
  • Download protected machine image or create a VM in Nebius from a backup.

Supported source platforms: Nebius Israel, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, Oracle Cloud, Alibaba Cloud, VMware, Hyper-V, and OpenStack, as well as physical machines.

Supported applications: SAP, Microsoft Active Directory, PostgreSQL, Oracle, NGINX, Red Hat Jboss Enterprise, IBM WebSphere, Apache, VMware vSphere, MySQL, MongoDB, Hadoop, Spark, and more.

Supported operating systems: Windows, RHEL, CentOS, Debian, and Ubuntu.

It is recommended that a VM with Hystax Acura Backup has 8 vCPUs and 16 GB RAM.

Deployment instructions
  1. Create a service account with the editor and marketplace.meteringAgent roles. Save the service account ID.

  2. Create an authorized key for a service account. Save the ID and private key.

  3. Create a static access key. Save the ID and private key.

  4. Create a bucket for storing backups. Save the bucket name.

  5. Get an SSH key pair to connect to a virtual machine (VM).

  6. Create a VM from a public image:

    • Under Image/boot disk selection, go to the Cloud Marketplace tab and select Hystax Acura Backup in Nebius Israel.
    • Under Disks and file storage, enter 200 GB as your disk size.
    • Under Computing resources, specify:
      • vCPU: 8.
      • RAM: 16 GB.
    • Under Access:
      • In the Service account field, select the previously created service account.
      • Enter the username in the Login field.
      • Paste the contents of the public key file in the SSH key field.

    Save the following parameters:

    • The VM public P address.
    • The VM ID.
    • The availability zone.
    • The subnet ID.
  7. Open https://<VM_public_IP_address>/ in your browser.

  8. Specify the authorization parameters:

    • Organization: The organization name.
    • Admin user login: The administrator username.
    • Password: The administrator password.
    • Confirm password: Re-enter the administrator password.
  9. Specify the Nebius Israel connection settings:

    • Service Account id: The ID of your service account.
    • Key id: The ID of the authorized key of your service account.
    • Private key: The private key of your service account.
    • Default folder ID: The ID of the folder where the VM with Hystax Acura Backup is located.
    • Availability zone: The availability zone where the VM with Hystax Acura Backup is located.
    • Hystax Service Subnet: The ID of the subnet that the VM with Hystax Acura Backup is connected to.
    • S3 Host:
    • S3 Port: 443.
    • Enable HTTPS: Select the option to enable HTTPS connections.
    • S3 Access Key ID: The access key ID.
    • S3 Secret Access Key: The secret key.
    • S3 Bucket: The name of the bucket for storing backups.
    • Hystax Acura Control Panel Public IP: Replace the value with the public IP address of the VM with Hystax Acura Backup.
    • Additional parameters: Advanced settings. Do not edit this field.

Hystax Acura Backup automatically checks that it can access your cloud. If all the settings are correct, you can log in to the control panel using the previously set username and password.

from ₪471 / per month

The minimum VM cost with a basic configuration 
Billing type
Hourly (Pay as you go)
Virtual Machine
Business applications
Hystax Inc
Use cases
  • Backing up data (Backup as a Service).
  • Recovering data and IT infrastructure.
Technical support

Hystax provides technical support to Hystax Acura Backup users in Nebius Israel. You can email technical support at

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Product composition
By using this product you agree to the Nebius Israel Marketplace Terms of Service and the terms and conditions of the following software: UbuntuHystax Software Terms of Use

from ₪471 / per month

The minimum VM cost with a basic configuration 
Billing type
Hourly (Pay as you go)
Virtual Machine
Business applications
Hystax Inc