Cloud perfected: world‑class technology with a local touch

By providing a variety of premium quality services and solutions, our cloud platform improves cost-savings, operations, and thrusts business growth. We offer IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS solutions. With offices and support team here in Tel Aviv, Nebius has you covered.

Full-fledged cloud platform

Get access to 25+ versatile IaaS and PaaS services, including Kubernetes, managed databases, and GPU resources.

Local presence

Receive support from a Hebrew-speaking team and follow local privacy laws by utilizing our data centers in Israel.

Superior level of security

Explore Nebius international certification and our approach to security and compliance.

Transparent pricing

Quickly estimate your costs and use a ₪350 credit on a 2-month trial to test our platform.

Multicloud capabilities

Integrate your Nebius infrastructure with AWS or Microsoft Azure and leverage a multicloud architecture.

User-centric design

Enjoy the platform UX: check out Nebius user-friendly cloud console, explicit documentation, and migration tools.

Support for Israeli companies

We understand that many Israeli companies are affected by war and cannot run their business as usual. In this difficult time, Nebius is ready to support companies from the SMB sector with cloud computing resources FREE OF CHARGE.

Firsthand experience of our customers


Uncover how our cloud platform has been a game-changer in propelling BriefCam’s success. Listen to how Nebius' innovative cloud solutions turned obstacles into stepping stones, setting new milestones in BriefCam’s journey. Hear the story straight from BriefCam.

Assistance-focused resources for your journey

User-friendly interface

Navigate with ease through our intuitive console.

Multilingual support

We provide support in both Hebrew and English languages.

Proactive monitoring

Stay updated with real-time metrics on all your operations.

Data visualization

Visualize your data and business analytics for all your employees using Nebius proprietary BI tool DataLens.

Comprehensive documentation

Delve into detailed guides, enriched with tutorials, to simplify your tasks.

Expert cloud architects

Lean on our specialists for expert guidance, ensuring you navigate the cloud efficiently and effectively.

The Nebius data centers in Israel

Our cloud platform operates from three underground Nebius data centers, strategically positioned in geo-distributed locations. Each data center has two independent internet connections for reliable performance and features multi-level security. Being deep underground provides extra protection, ensuring top safety. They not only comply with local and global standards but also boast a rapid round trip latency of just three milliseconds.

Transparent pricing

Suitable for projects of any scale

Nebius pricing options will suit big companies with high-load scenarios and small projects as well.

Straight-forward, transparent pricing

Only pay for what you use, and easily keep track of your expenses with our granular billing system.

Free tier

Optimize your cloud consumption and enhance cost-savings with our free-tier services and commitment discounts.

Example of pricing calculation for Compute Cloud

Dedicated local support team

Two forms of tech support

Nebius offers help through documentation and from our local support team via email.

We speak your language

Receive dedicated assistance in both Hebrew and English, tailored to address your queries.

Feel free to get in touch

Our team answers customer emails Sunday‑Thursday 10:00‑19:00.

Support chat example

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Start with a free trial

Try out the Nebius platform with our 2-month trial and get ₪350, which will become available after you finish signing up.